Dental Services in Fort Woth, TX

General Services

Using our digital X-ray machine, we can safely examine and assess the entirety of the mouth effectively without compromising our patients’ comfort or safety. We will perform our digital examination at your initial visit.
Sit back and relax with your heated neck pillow and noise-canceling headphones as we perform a routine cleaning. We remove tartar and plaque with gentle brushing, polishing, and flossing, followed by a fluoride treatment for added protection.
We offer deep teeth cleanings as a solution to more serious problems, such as gum disease. They differ from your general cleanings by removing built-up bacteria, tartar, and debris under the gumline to reveal healthy gums and teeth. While the cleaning may be a little more intensive, your Vosh Dental experience will be the same calm, relaxing experience you get every single time.
Otherwise known as composite resins, are fillings that blend perfectly with your natural smile. Unlike gold or metal, tooth-colored fillings are seamless and match the color of your teeth, and can be used in the front or back of your mouth.
Many people clench their jaw and grind their teeth while sleeping. At Vosh Dental, we can create custom-molded night guards to perfectly fit your mouth, without being bulky or uncomfortable during your sleep. This alleviates the negative effects clenching and grinding have on your enamel and tooth structure.

Cosmetic Services

Veneers are a great solution to an imperfect smile. Permanently conceal all smile flaws in a single treatment and upgrade your smile and confidence instantly. Say goodbye to imperfections like chips, cracks, gaps, and stains, and show off a perfectly straight smile. Learn more.

We want you to have a smile you can feel good about, which is why we offer in-office whitening treatments! Our in-office treatment can reveal a brighter smile and is the perfect addition to any routine cleaning treatment. Learn more.

Invisalign Clear Aligners are a series of clear, plastic aligners created using initial impressions or digital scans of your teeth as the starting point. The aligners are simply plastic replicas of your teeth that apply gentle pressure on the teeth when you wear them, ever-so-slightly repositioning them over time. Learn more.

Bonding is a restorative dental procedure used to improve the appearance of chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth. It is a quick and simple procedure that can be carried out in one visit to the dentist’s office. Learn more.

Surgery Services

You may wonder what qualifies as a dental emergency. Generally, mouth injuries, knocked-out teeth, and severe pain are all indicators that you should seek dental care as soon as possible. Addressing issues like these early on will save you from worse problems later. Letting time go by allows conditions like infection and decay to set in, which will ultimately be more expensive and more complicated to treat. Learn more. 
Dental implants are often a welcome alternative to dentures or bridgework when it comes to replacing a tooth. Implants can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and oral health by having the same form and function as real teeth, giving you a full smile that you can show off day in and day out. Learn more. 

By performing a root canal, we treat the soft tissue inside of the tooth, ultimately saving it. This procedure saves your tooth and allows you to keep your natural smile and maintain your overall health. Learn more. 

Using the latest advancement in anesthesia, we ensure your mouth is completely numb prior to getting started. This eliminates any pain and makes certain that you’re comfortable and relaxed. We then use special tools to loosen and remove any non-restorable teeth / wisdom teeth. Learn more.

Accepted Insurances

To assist you with treatment payment, we accept a variety of insurance including:
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