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Dental Veneers by Vosh Dental
Many of us have imperfections in our teeth that we focus in on when we look in the mirror. A gap here, a small chip there, that one tooth that just won’t whiten no matter what method you use. These imperfections often keep us from smiling.
But that feeling of embarrassment over your smile can be a thing of the past thanks to porcelain veneers! At Vosh Dental, our team can craft and place veneers that look and feel natural. Veneers change the appearance of teeth in nearly any way you can imagine, so just tell us your goals for your smile – we’ll do our best to give you the smile of your dreams.


A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that covers the front surface of teeth. Veneers are fabricated to look exactly like a natural tooth. They can be used to correct cosmetic dental problems like discoloration, chipped, cracked or gapped teeth, excessive wear, and shape issues.

Why should you use veneers?

•Veneers are made from natural-looking materials like porcelain. They look exactly like the adjacent natural teeth.•Veneers are long-lasting. With proper care and regular brushing, veneers can last for 10-15 years.•Veneers can be used to treat minor cosmetic dental problems such as:
  • Slightly overlapping upper front teeth
  • Small gapsoUneven smile lines
  • Chips
  • The appearance of cracks in your teeth
  • Slightly shortened teeth
  • Teeth too discolored for other whitening methods

Dental procedure for Veneers

To begin changing your smile, we bring you in for your initial appointment or consultation. During this appointment, we will go over your main concerns and goals for your smile. Based on the conversation, we design a new smile for you using high-tech computer software. Once you are happy with your new look, we begin the veneer process.
Consultation: We sit down and discuss what your main concerns are, what your goals are for your new smile, and determine if Veneers are a good option.
First appointment: Using high tech software, we take a digital scan of your teeth and use it to design your new smile. We then send the design to our dental lab to create a  wax-up of this new smile for your approval.
Second appointment: Once the wax-up of your new smile is approved, we apply a local anesthetic and begin to prepare your teeth for the veneers. A new scan is taken of the prepared teeth and sent to the lab for fabrication and temporary veneers are made until the permanent veneers are fabricated.

Third Appointment: The temporary veneers are removed and the permanent veneers are tried in. We confirm that the veneers create the new smile you desire, and then cement them in.

Cost of Porcelain Veneers

How much your veneers cost depends on how many veneers you need to get a smile you love. At your consultation appointment, one of our team members will go over your estimated costs and financial options with you before we begin any part of the treatment. We want you to feel completely comfortable before we move forward. We have in-house payment options. We also accept CareCredit® financing so you can split up your out-of-pocket costs into monthly payments that are easier to manage. No matter your budget, we want to help you love your smile again!

Are veneers permanent?

Since some of the tooth enamel must be removed before a veneer can be placed, traditional porcelain veneers are considered a permanent dental treatment. Tooth enamel protects the teeth from damage, so a dental restoration of some kind must always protect the tooth if the enamel is removed. Veneers are very durable and can be customized to be exactly how the patient wants them to look, so patients typically don’t want to have their veneers removed once they are placed.

Can you whiten veneers?

You cannot whiten veneers. Veneers are quite stain-resistant, meaning they cannot absorb teeth whitening products, but they also won’t collect stains like natural teeth. Some patients who only receive one veneer or a few veneers choose to have their teeth professionally whitened first so that their veneers can be made to match the shade of their surrounding teeth, which is their ideal shade of white. Since you can choose the exact color that you want your veneers to be, most patients whiten their teeth first before starting veneers.

How do you take care of veneers?

Traditional veneers are made out of porcelain, which is a very durable material. This means that veneers do not come with any kind of food restrictions—we simply recommend that you avoid eating anything that you would not chew with natural teeth. You can also brush and floss around veneers just like you would with natural teeth. Should you encounter any problems with your veneers, just reach out to our office for assistance, and we’ll be happy to help.
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