Dental Bonding in Fort Worth, TX

Dental Bonding by Vosh Dental
Bonding is a restorative dental procedure used to improve the appearance of chipped, cracked, or misshapen teeth. It is a quick and simple procedure that can be carried out in one visit to the dentist’s office

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding involves the application of a composite resin material to the tooth’s surface to enhance its appearance.
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Worn-out teeth

Procedure for Dental Bonding

The treatment for dental bonding generally takes about 1 – 1.5 hours. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your requirements and decide on the best option for your situation. The Dentist in Fort Worth, TX will start applying the composite resin material to your tooth. They will clean off the tooth enamel layer and roughen up its surface using an etching solution. This helps the bonding material to adhere well to the tooth’s surface. The composite resin material is then applied and carefully hardened using a curing light. Once the bonding has been applied, your bonding is smoothed, shaped, and the bite is checked to ensure that your newly bonded tooth is properly aligned with your other teeth.

Aftercare for Dental Bonding

Aftercare for dental bonding is very simple and requires you to:
  • Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss between teeth at least once a day
  • Use mouthwash after brushing and flossing
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