Why It’s Important to See Your Dentist on a Regular Basis

Why It’s Important to See Your Dentist on a Regular Basis

Good dentists (and a quick Google search) will tell you that you should visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings and check-ups every six months. But is it really true? Short answer? Yes. Regular dental cleanings are absolutely essential if you want to keep your teeth, gums, and oral health in tip-top shape. Skipping your dental appointments can lead to endless oral health issues (that could be easily avoided if you simply go).

Those with good to excellent oral health can get away with going to the dentist once a year if they happen to miss, but if you have severe dental issues or are cavity-prone, it’s recommended to visit your dentist every three to four months to maintain your general cleanings and to stay cavity-free.

We know life can get busy and adding one more appointment to your already busy calendar can add more stress to your already stressful life (especially when it’s a dentist appointment). But neglecting your regular cleanings can lead to tooth and gum disease, and in some cases, getting diseases and illnesses in other parts of your body too. Bad oral health has actually been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even breast cancer.

Dental cleanings are the only way to remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth that regular flossing and brushing simply won’t do. Allowing plaque and tartar to build up on teeth will cause cavities and can lead to gum disease and other health issues. X-rays can also be taken at your dentist to spot small cavities before they become big problems.

Staying consistent with your regular six-month dental check-ups means more than adding another appointment to your books. It means taking care of your overall health and well-being (while also getting the benefits of a clean, beautiful, and bright smile!).

Plus, at Vosh Dental, you won’t want to miss your appointment – ever. Our offices are created with our patients in mind offering a spa-like environment with heated neck pillows and noise-canceling headphones so you to focus on what matters most – your happiness and relaxation. Along with each visit, you’ll receive complimentary teeth whitening at the end of your appointment, so you can walk out with a healthy and bright smile that will carry you through the rest of your week.

If you’re behind on your dental appointments (or simply need to use up your dental benefits before they expire at the end of the year), book your appointment with Vosh Dental today. We promise, you’ll never cancel a dental appointment again.

– Vosh Dental

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